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World Dinner Club
World Dinner Club

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Think Global, Act [and Eat] Local?

It was great to get out in the morning on Sunday and visit the farmer's market in Dupont Circle

Some glorious and really ripe peaches were there in abundance.  I caramelized some in brandy and molasses and served with a teaspoon of marscarpone cheese.

Summer is incomplete without watermelon.  I've started using them more for gazpacho and salads.

 I was impressed by the number and diverse color of different peppers and chiles.  I brought some nice looking whole cayenne... will be nice for braising the organic, lamb ribs that I picked up there too.

There were great summer flowers and perennials.

 These pears were being sold by the "fruit nazi:" a lady who gets upset if you don't use a basket.  "I'm very particular about people handling my fruit"

Dolcezza was out here as usual with a great ricotta lemon and cardamom gelatto, that paired well with a tart lemon opal basil.  The right way to cool off!

These squash blossoms were great at dinner.  I stuffed them with minced oyster mushrooms, garlic, onions and bit of green chile.

 I don't like eggplant, but these were gorgeous and very vibrant!
 Heirloom tomatoes are unmistakable and a healthy reminder that real food is not supposed to look standardized and cartoonish--to say nothing of tasting good.
 Some nice basil that I turned into an Asian-style gremolatta of sorts with green chiles, red onion and parsely  to top a lamb shoulder chop for dinner that night.

This Lonza from Red Apron is a cured pork that is subtlety seasoned in a herb and spice crust that includes juniper.  (Great with the Asian pears!).

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