World Dinner Club

World Dinner Club
World Dinner Club

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back from San Francisco

Came back yesterday from a world wind trip.  Well at least it felt like that.  We had a glorious time in San Francisco.  I even had dinner with the Picky Eater at Chez Panisse in Berkeley that included tongue and greens salad and chicken Escoffier with a dry Barbera.  

We also stopped in at Japantown, Chinatown, the Mission, the Marina... I could go on, but I'll return to some of the great spots I discovered and write more about them in separate posts.

I will add that one of the places I went to in that regard was the Buena Vista cafe--where the Irish Coffee was introduced to America!

The big news is that we found an apartment there and will be moving in a couple weeks.  I'll miss DC in many ways, but will be excited to eat and drink in the Bay Area.  

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