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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's not just about the cheese in Milwaukee

So I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a wedding over the weekend.  Raquel and Teo threw quite a party and we had a truly great time. When not enjoying the festivities.  I investigated the obvious....There were lots of great places to drink microbrews, sample cheese or both!

Our friends Karl and Katie who live in Wisconsin explained the finer points of cheese curds. These are solid parts of soured milk that are battered and deep fried. I've decided that cheese curds are a easily addictive when they are hot, lightly battered and served with ranch dressing.

On a surprising note, we drank some good boody marys at brunch at Wicked Hop in the Third Ward with beer chasers; another Wisconsin thing. This concoction was truly a thing of beauty.
Who knew that Wisconsinites were so big on crazy garnishes on bloody marys? The liquid brunch included a beef jerky stick, mushroom, olive, gherkin, shrimp, lemon, lime and string mozzarella garnish on a bloody mary.... well done Milwaukee, well done. They also have this available in a glass boot! I'm not making this up!

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