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World Dinner Club
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Is There Such a thing as a Hole in a Hole-in-the-Wall?

I would often see people lined up inside a convenience store on the corner of New Montgomery and Minna Streets in the San Francisco Financial District. What was the fuss all about? Curious as to what new flavor of Funyuns that they and only they must have, I went in to investigate....

I was pleased to find that The Store on the Corner has a small Korean kitchen in the back serving bulgolgi sandwiches and bibimbap. An nice, old lady was chopping up cabbage and a helpful, elderly gentleman prepared my non-stone bowl from various rice cookers and plastic containers. I paid at the register and hurried back to my desk at work.
The rice was just sticky enough, the pickled vegetables were tasty without being funky and the spicy, red gochuyang sauce breathed life into the mass of allegedly bulgolgi (it was under flavored).  Not an epic meal, but a fun discovery no less, especially for $7 (cash only).  It's not everyday you find a secret restaurant of sorts.

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