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World Dinner Club
World Dinner Club

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hungry Globetrotter Curation: How we Discover Great Artisans

Friday was a an exciting day meeting artisans making products from France and Brazil.

We met Coco and Henri from Maison de Monaco.  Coco had a premier line of jams in France for 10 years before moving to California, where she has launched an extraordinary brand.  

This is French quality made in San Francisco. It's great to discover true artisan style: they are cooked in small batches in a copper kettle.

Jam is jam right?  Not at all. Many jams are loaded with sugar and preservatives, but these have low sugar content ( 70% fruit and a "brix" sugar content of 42 to 45 compared to 70+ for supermarket jams) and a light texture so that the taste of the fruits comes through very well. The ingredient list is reduced to the minimum: fruit, sugar, pectin and flowers for aroma. There's no citric acid or corn syrup or other preservatives. 

The packaging is simple and clean and enhances the natural appeal of the fruits They have a unique emotional appeal since the fruits are mixed with flowers . There is nothing really like it on the market at this stage, so we are excited to offer unique fruit plus flower jam flavors like peach and lavender or blackberry and poppy in our Holiday gift boxes.

Henri also took us to discover Kika's Treats who are making small batch chocolate coated cookies. 

The salted caramel and dark chocolate was divine as was the Caramelized Graham Crackers in dark chocolate, but what we are most excited about is the Brazilian honey cakes in pure dark chocolate, which we want to share with subscribers of the World Dinner Club in the future

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