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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Azalina’s Malaysian Products

Azalina's Coconut KayaAzalina Eusope is a San Francisco-based chef from Penang. She is a member of the Mamak tribe, a people who are deeply tied to spices and were renowned cooks for Malaysian royalty.

After a successful career as a pastry chef, Azalina moved around cooking in Singapore, Japan and several other countries before finally moving to the United States. It was in San Francisco that Azalina rediscovered her love of Malaysian culture and cuisine, but she was unable to locate any of her favorite foods locally. Eventually she started her own line of Malaysian simmer sauces and other products.

Azalina’s Peanut Sauce
Peanuts have long been a Malaysian staple, and peanut sauce is a traditional condiment that frequently graces the nation’s tables. Exceptionally versatile, it is used in everything from marinades to pasta sauces, and even as a salad topping or vegetable dip.

Azalina’s Kaya Coconut Jam
Kaya, a coconut spread, is a great alternative to traditional jam or peanut butter. Also try serving kaya with ice cream or yogurt. For a sweet touch in savory dishes use it as a glaze for proteins and vegetables or to flavor rice. What else do we love about this exceptional jam? The gorgeous copper colored tops of Azalina’s jars are no accident: copper is considered very lucky in Malaysia.  

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