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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Other Cheese

Boxing Room's Justin Simoneaux on Boucheries and Gumbo - San Francisco Restaurants and Dining - SFoodie:

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The Boxing Room is a great Cajun place we discovered here in Hayes Valley, San Francisco.  The beer list is superb and the oysters at the raw bar are delicious.

I liked trying the hogs head cheese, which is the other white meat rather than cheese. Head cheese is basically cooked down calf, sheep or pork head (no brains, but there is sometimes tongue) that is set in aspic (in this case, gelatin from the pig's foot) and turned into a terrine.

You can see the final product of old school pork charcuterie on a bed ofrisée below.

Head cheese is well known in much of Europe, but rarer here in the U.S. with the exception of Louisiana.

Here you can hear a nice old lady describe the step by step Cajun way of making this:

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