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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Argentine Odyssey: Parilla and Recoleta

Small streets of tombs in Recoleta
 On our last day in BA, we visited the Recoleta Cemetery and found ourselves quickly lost among the mausoleums in this small city of tombs.  
Nice place to rest for eternity

Makes the pyramids look understated

Evita's Family Crypt
Naturally, we had to find the tomb of Eva Duarte Peron.  A bit difficult to find without a map, Evita can be found in the Duarte family’s mausoleum down one alleyway and then another from the center of the cemetery.

Tender Flank Steak

We knew a final meal at a parilla (steakhouse) was in order and had a late lunch at Miranda in Palermo.  I had another variety of flank steak called tender flank steak. 

Lamb Fillet

This is a salad?

S had a beautifully caramelized lamb fillet and we managed to eat a massive salad topped with pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, and a very oily pesto sauce, which was rather superfluous and gilding the lily.

Persico Gelato

With a fine malbec, we were happy with our last choice.  

We followed it up with a dulce de leche and cognac gelato on top of a scoop of dark chocolate chip from the Persico ice cream parlor.

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